Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Printing Booklets

My PC is out of action and awaiting a rebuild, these days I am doing most of my zine writing on the Mac. After all isn't the Mac all about these kind of arty, creative things?

Not when it comes to booklet printing however. I have an expensive laser printer (prices on the kind I have are about a third what I paid for years ago, I note, crazy!) that is perfectly capable of printing a booklet: using the Windows driver.

On OSX though, no chance of trying such craziness. Well at least I can turn to OpenOffice's in-built booklet printing can't I? Nope, the NeoOffice version I am using doesn't have that either.

Is there some kind of crazy booklet printing hatred at Apple?

To top it all off NeoOffice cannot handle the OpenType fonts I just bought and is doing some crazy kerning that is making the whole thing look terrible. Looks like this might be a PDF issue at this rate.

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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Flagship 123

Carol has assured me that the magazine hasn't folded and I've contributed another two pages of material on top of what was there before (presumably two columns worth of stuff).

Let's hope that this means that the next issue will be with us with a month.


Saturday, October 06, 2007

The end of issue 35 is in sight

Okay so I have had a chance to do some work on issue 35 and we are now on eighteen pages. Given an anticipated final issue size of 26 pages that means the end is now in sight (by that I mean that I need to finish what is there rather starting anything new). This is also a good time to send in any letters, emails or comments you may have had about the issue.

The issue focuses on creating characters for first time with various systems I have been looking at. Some of the pieces may be moved out to their own issues (particularly the Mage and Conspiracy of Shadows pieces as they are going to have their own issues later).

In other news most of the house move is done now and there is a little lacuna while new furniture arrives. Hopefully I can make the most of this to get this issue done and the next underway.

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