Friday, October 27, 2006

Issue 34 Update 1

Just a quick note on Issue 34, in writing terms it is about 30% done. It looks like it is going to contain two one-hour scenarios. Tennessee Smith and the Kasbah Kaper and Survivors, both for d20 Modern.

I'm hoping there is going to be room for a mini-article and some letters if there are any but a lot depends on whether it is going to be a 28 or 32 page issue.

Lordy Me It's the New Issue

Hallejah! Finally Issue 33 is done and the new issues are rolling off the printer in the next room as I type. Once they are printed out then it's time to do the fiddly and time consuming task of folding, stapling and shoving them into envelopes. Subs should expect their copies some time during the next week. Subscribers Internationale probably sometime in the next fortnight.

If you have let your sub lapse recently then now might be a good time to PayPal over a subscription renewal.

If you want to have a look at the new issue before you buy then a PDF preview will be on the site in the week along with the specific issue page.

To the long armed stapler Batman!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Writing Done on Issue 33

So tonight the last edits went onto Issue 33. There's a small amount of new material that was added and which needs a new proof read, other than that I just need to complete the front and back cover designs and the job is done.

I've started working on 34 already and I have a lot of choice as to what 35 should be so I need to look at revising the schedule once 33 is out the door.