Sunday, May 31, 2009

Cleaning up the website

I have been cleaning up some of the neglect over at the Carnel Website. The site had been in a bit of a bad way recently, becoming more and more out of date as I struggled to find time to update it and have been splitting my time between many different interests.

At the moment what I really wanted to do was get the news out that there is a new bundle of issues representing everything I did in 2008. You can now buy it via PayPal (the addresses for cheques and money etc. are out of date).

I have been in the zine writers classic dilemma recently. Given less time to dedicate to the zine I have been preferring to spend time working on new articles and pieces when I do have time available. Also the infrastructure of the zine has been boring me more and more. The exciting thing for me is writing the articles and preparing them. Selling, publicising and getting them "out there" has been less and less interesting.

Recently I have taken to handing out the issues for free whenever I go to a convention or a gathering of gamers. They are starting to be more like letters to friends about what I am interested in at the moment.

As such I am wondering about simply putting the content onto the website a year after they come out. I was opposed to doing this for a long time as I do not get any feedback or conversation from the online stuff. However right now the simplicity of distributing via the web seems attractive. I might even start producing paper copies from the online pieces.

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