Thursday, November 29, 2007

Issue 35 Dragonmeet Edition

Last night I was in a familiar place. Pre-Dragonmeet issue editing. Firstly there was the usual battle with getting the cover image to try and be the right size. Then there was the removal of the blank pages that OpenOffice adds if you have temerity to put a Contents page on an even-numbered page.

Even with re-arranging the pieces into an unusual order (but one I might keep) I decided in the end I decided to do a 28 page Dragonmeet edition and then later a 32 or 36 page Subscriber Edition. Even though I swore I didn't want a big issue.

The trouble is that I really had to truncate one of the articles and completely exclude another to get it to be 26 pages but adding both pieces does not current expand the page content to land on a higher 4 page limit.

I'm sure that after Dragonmeet I will have enough additional material to hit the right page length. Not only that but after battling last night with the blank page issue I found out that there is now an option to supress the blank pages in both the PDF and the print output. It's not clearly available but it is there and I could have saved a lot of time.

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