Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Republish those goddamn back issues!

A politely forceful letter from the Deposit Office points out that I have failed in my legal duty to provide copies of some of the old Carnel issues.

Most of them are fine but issues 23, 24, 28, 29, 31 are all out of print and I didn't really envisage reprinting them in the same form. 28 and 31 are interesting because they are the two Lustria specials. I am thinking of seeing if anyone on Strike to Stun wants them if I print more than the legally required copy.

It's quite interesting going back to these issues and having a look at what stands up. 23 and 29 pretty much deserve a second outing in original form. Issue 24 is good visually (although I would probably do different fonts now) but is one of the issues where I was pissed off with the rpg containment of the zine and therefore is really diverse.

I am much more sanguine about the single subject zine ghetto now and tend to use the internet to try and match articles with audience.

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Carnel 37 will be along presently

I have finished Issue 37 and I gave it to subscribers who were at TimCon on the weekend. Issue 36 has a page and half to go but will be done soon. Both issues will be sent out to subs as soon as I get the chance.

These are smaller size issues (12 and 16 pages) and the content will be going on the website soon.

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