Friday, May 11, 2007

Moving House

If there's a fair wind I hope to be moving house at the start of the June. More information on contact details as and when. However I will likely be dropping my address from the website and rely on email contact (since that is what most people use now anyway).

As part of the move though I would like to shift some of my old carnel stock that is taking up space. Therefore I have halved the prices of the carnel collection, please purchase it if you've been holding off before now, it's only a fiver!

I'll also be having a look through what else I have a lot of and trying to get rid of those as well. More to come on that.

Nervous Exhaustion

Okay, so finally I decided that I was never going to be totally happy with Issue 34 and as if to mock me further when I printed the issues, addressed the envelopes and sealed them I realised that I had forgotten to include the two rather important inserts.

Aaargh! Cue some frantic reopening and restuffing. Apologies subs for the roughed up envelopes.

Anyway good riddance to a good but troublesome issue. I'm promising to do something light and short for Issue 35 to give myself a break. After that I'll be back into to doing the "big" concept issues. Amongst the ideas that are already green lighted in my head is the completion of the Mage Campaign issues; two issues of TimCon ideas (one for this year, the other for Get Slaughtered) and two issues for the Conspiracy of Shadows campaign.

As single theme issues tend to be harder to write than more general issues I will also be having a parallel issue into which I can dump stuff that is not directly relevant to the current theme issue. This issue will just come out if it gets to the right size (about twenty pages).

Right, hope you enjoy the new issues.